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Meet our AVE Tennis player

Hello, my name is Alejandro and I am an Average Tennis Player.


I started playing tennis in earnest in 2019. I had played a few times before, though not seriously nor regularly. I started playing very frequently with a friend in Toronto and, the more we played, the more I got hooked until it became an addiction—we’ll call it a passion, it sounds better that way.


After 6 months of playing almost every day, I knew that tennis as a hobby wouldn’t suffice. I was 25 years old and definitely below average for a recreational player, so obviously I considered going pro.    I didn’t like that I would have to travel so much, so I didn’t do it. Just in case it wasn’t 100% clear, that was a joke...it was my wife that didn’t like the travel.


So I had to find another solution! At the time, I was the Head of Sales in North America for a company in the Cyber Security space. I figured it was time for a change so I quit my job and went to work for     a Canadian Tennis retailer. I had a lot of past experience working in e-commerce so I thought I could provide some value, but ultimately my motive was just to learn as much as I possibly could about tennis equipment. Jump to two years later; my wife and I moved to France and we just had a baby.      I am even more enthralled by tennis than I was before so I decided to create this Youtube Channel centered around one goal: improve my tennis as much as I possibly can.


I generally perform well with a targeted goal so I chose the laid back, definitely very attainable task of winning 1 ATP point. Whether it’s actually possible to accomplish this goal starting where I’m starting and at my age remains to be seen. But the one thing I am certain of is that I will do everything I possibly can to find out!


If you want to come along on the journey I would appreciate all the support I can get.

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